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Slightly related question. No spoilers if possible in answer please.

I just bought Missing Link due to this sale. Saw there is something called the Explosive Mission and Tactical enhancement pack on there for 320msp (about $6au-ish). At first glance I was ready to ignore it as it looked like just a handful on in-game gadgets and trinkets, but then saw there is an extra mission included called Tongs Rescue. Don't suppose anyone has played this? Worth the $6?

Looks like this was two separate DLCs most places. Not sure why its both or nothing here is AU. Strange.

I've been putting off playing this game as I heard the DLC is actually integrated into the plot, so I wanted to experience the full thing properly on my first play. Looks like now What I read was related to the Original DLC mission Tongs Rescue and Not Missing Link at all. :S
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