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Originally Posted by McGoogles View Post
I had no idea there was an extra mission for sale either. Might check that out.
"Explosive Mission and Tactical Enhancement Packs" (linky) is what we have here in AU. Note in the description Unlocks the Tong's Rescue Bonus Mission.

I read on the internets that once the DLC is activated, it is plot related and can not be skipped. I did not know about this Tong mission at the time so I mistakenly thought this was referring to the Missing Link. So my question related to this DLC.

Has anyone played Tong's Rescue, Just how Integral is it to the narrative, and is it worth $6?

Originally Posted by loganlogan80 View Post the dlc separate, where I can start it whenever, or do I have to progress in the main storyline to start it?
I think I may have just partially answered this. I'm almost certain that Tong's Rescue is plot related and unmissable as it is integrated into the main games narrative. Hoping someone else here can answer as related to the Missing Link DLC. No spoilers if possible please.
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