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Originally Posted by burnoutbabe View Post
I am confused about the vehicles

I need to find and buy all vehicles in the game (they show up as vehicles on the map).

then i also need to drive all the minikit ones, they are got from the terminals? is it one per terminal?

and I can also do races with some vehicles for Gold bricks - which ones are these?
You unlock the Minikit vehicles for getting 10/10 Minikits in each of the 15 levels; which translates to a total of 15 Minikit vehicles; 5 Air, 5 Land and 5 Water vehicles. To "drive" them, simply go to a terminal that corresponds to the type of vehicle you want (a land terminal won't give you an aircraft, for example) pick the Minikit vehicle, get in it, move forward slightly and jump out, then rinse and repeat. You really only need to get in the vehicles for it to count.

Best places to get these are:
- Any land terminal for the land ones.
- Wayne Tower for the air ones (take a character that can fly, so when you jump out you can just fly back to the terminal)
- Any of the pier terminals, eg. Gotham Beach for the water ones (flying characters are good for this too)

I can't remember exactly which vehicles require races for Minikit, sadly. I know that the UFO and the News Helicopter definitely do. You also need to choose an aircraft at the terminal in the Batcave and then fly out and do a 'race' which presents itself in front of you there; and the same is true for Wayne Tower - call in any aircraft there and you'll have a race to do. A fair few of the boats require races too, but these should be easy to spot as the gold brick will appear out to sea on the map. I know there's one for definite by Gotham Beach and one if you take a watercraft out of the Batcave. Just look for the orange buoys in the water which when passed through will trigger the race.

Hope this helps, somewhat!
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