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To contribute a few things I found out about the game...some tips to make it easier:

1) "Tough Love" is very easy. You just need to purchase a significant amount of real estate when ever you get a chance. Money is basically useless, except for buying some potions in the game anyway. Jack up the rents/prices so earn the most money every 5 minutes. Then just leave your Xbox on over night. I left mine on one night and earned 12 million. I had plenty to fill the treasury for the achievement.

2) For "Henry the VIII", it is quicker to actually just marry people that already love you just because you are nice as ruler. As long as you make good decisions, by the time you finish the story, you will have many people that already have hearts above their head to marry. I found 4 characters in the Dweller Camp ready to marry without any effort. It also should be noted marriages to other Xbox Live players did not count towards my 6. That should be noted in the guide.

3) I am not sure about the difficulty being a 6/10. None of the achievements are that hard, they just take time. I havent completed the game, because I dont care to waste time trading weapons or outfits with people online, but I would only rate the achievement difficulty 2 or 3.

Overall, I am glad to finish this game and never play it again. I am not sure why everyone likes these games so much. I would much more enjoy them if they were first person and not third person. Even in game when you can hold the LB to go first person, I can already see the game being way more engaging. The gameplay is blah, the level designs and story linear, and the graphics are poor, especially the textures and scenery. I particularly hate developers that throw in collectibles to extend the life of their game. It took me just about as long to collect all 4 types of collectibles (160 in total) as it did to actually beat the rest of the game. You couldnt possibly expect to find all of them without some form of a guide. That is when they become annoying. Anyways, good luck if you decide to play this game. I am sure by the time you complete it, you will never be happier to finish a lack-luster, sad excuse for an RPG.

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