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Originally Posted by goldboy76 View Post
I played the game and I'm in world 6 and I didn't see 1 level where I think "Wow what a hard level!"

What about you?
Seriously? Seriously... I find the extra level on cod4 on veteran to be way easier than the last areas on Rayman, fuck it even SMB is easier. I have never raged this much. It's made me hate this game; and I loved it at first, recommended it to my friends, wrote funny comments on YouTube about some hidden cages or about some charmingly hard to get skull teeth. My plan was for me to complete it after a week, maybe two; I would get all the achievements after a bit of struggle but nothing too challenging, and certainly not as life-threatening as it's turned out (it's a 4/10 after all). I would go on some website to praise the game, maybe sell it once I've completely finished it and certainly recommend it to everyone who asked.

Alas, how the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. I literally despise it now and strongly believe it is the embodiment of everything that is evil in this godforsaken world. In a few short days it has turned me into a cynical, sleep deprived lunatic. I can no longer escape it, when I am not miserably failing at the game, the red lums music plays over and over again in my head. The few hours of sleep I have at night, I dream of the limbless, sadistic protagonist raping me and raping everything I love. I can feel my life force dwindling, what little energy I have left I muster to hate that game. I no longer eat, I no longer masturbate, this game has consumed me. I hate the fucking level designs, I hate the retarded looking enemies, I hate the most infuriating music known to man (that I'm now forced to mute) and most of all I hate Rayman and that stupid fucking grin he has all the time. Fuck him, what's he so happy about, he keeps exploding, the masochistic prick.

This really isn't a 4. I've completed games with double or more the difficulty level that didn't take me half as long or cost me so much in frustration. So how much do you think it should be rated, you ask condescendingly with your fancy 1000g. Well in my humble opinion, on a scale from 1 to batshit insanity, this wouldn't even figure on it. Every copy should be burned, every trace of it erased and every French speaking person banned from ever making a game again. I truly and genuinely believe this is the worst game to have ever come out and the only thing even more terrifying than what I've had to live through is the thought that once I'm done, I'll have to go through all of it again to get the speed medals. Screw you, Michel Ancel, screw you and the Monegasque tower you sit on.

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