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Originally Posted by Evil Dobermann View Post
Folks, i just started playing Wolfenstein 3D. The game is pretty simple to me in the first Episode so i was wondering if I maybe picked a lower difficulty. The leaderboards say I play on Difficulty 2. I see the guys playing on Diff 0-3. So I just wanted to know. 0 = Death Incarnate? But then ... 2 = Bring 'em on? I'm confused. Please tell me that Diff 2 is Bring 'em on.
3 is Death Incarnate
2 is Bring 'Em On
1 Don't Hurt Me
0 Can I Play Daddy

I think the last two difficulties are correct sorry I don't feel like checking right now to confirm but I can confirm for sure either 3 or 2 is what you will need for the achievement.
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