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Originally Posted by Katastrophecy View Post
Okay, I'm thinking of buying this game, as well as the first Bad Company, so I'm wondering if it's worth it. From what I can tell, it looks very fun, and it looks very realistic. I think I could really get into the Battlefield series (as I hold some sort of unfathomable contempt for Call of Duty games).

How's the online play and servers? Are there still a lot of people playing this game, or has everyone moved over to Battlefield 3? I've heard a lot of great things about this game like the heavy team-oriented style of playing, the bullet drop, and I heard the single player campaign was really good.

Would this and the first Bad Company be good games for me to get into, seeing as that I'm extremely new to the war first-person shooter genre? I've only ever played the Battlefield 3 Beta demo and the free demo of the first Bad Company. However, I really love them.

I'm also wondering, if I get this game, should I bother getting the first Bad Company? I know this game is a big improvement on BF: BC, but would it still be worth it?

Thank you for any and all future responses; they'll be greatly appreciated.
I would recommend getting Bad company 2 only. The first one was ok in terms of online which is near deserted but the campaign is forgettable. The second has a better campaign and the multiplayer is in my honest opinion, AMAZING!! Yes, many people still play it online but good luck ranking up with the high level jerks camping. Still worth it and better than any CoD to date. Black Ops being the exception.
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