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Originally Posted by punkrockfox View Post
I think some people are liars. I'm having a pretty rough time on normal so far (still trying to get used to witch time and such) and I have 1000 in DMC4. The combos don't seem to flow as well and I personally think the gameplay is a little too complex (i.e. too many different combos to even begin trying to memorize.) The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but this game is providing a decent challenge for me.
-Whistles- I gave up trying to plat DMC4. If you've pulled that off, you shouldn't find much issue with this shortly.

You'll find this game becomes a lot easier later on. Trust me.

I died a lot on my normal play-through, but the following one on Hard I completed it with only a single death on Route 666... thanks to a damn ledge. ∞ climax is a bit rougher thanks to removing witchtime, but with it you have incentive to use the Evil Harvest Rosary which will still disrupt enemies and let you knock in a combo on them with a proper dodge. After playing through on normal and hard, this should be enough for a quick finish.

However, it gets even easier. There's two other accessories which play the game for you if you're still finding it difficult.

  1. Climax Brace: All attacks become wicked weaves. Purchase for 5,000,000 Halos or find all Umbran Tears.
  2. Immortal Marionette: AI given to Bayonetta to automatically move, dodge, and attack. Beat game on Easy.
Climax Brace sounds expensive or difficult to get, but a boss early game has a cap on life he can lose, and has a set animation for the battle. You can score a million halos from one round with him easily. With this thing, its rare for any enemy to even be able to reach you.

Immortal Marionette is just as sad. Game plays for you. Sure, it dings your points, but if you're just after the easy 1000GS, it's still available.

Stuff like the portals may still be a bit of a challenge, but what kinds of Angels spawn will differ based on your difficulty setting. It's a rough game to perfect, but it's an easy game to get 1000GS in. Remove the above accessories and it most likely wouldn't be in the easy 1000 list. Still in the quick 1000 though.

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