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Originally Posted by SgtScreamMDK View Post
Just an FYI if someone stumbles on this thread or if someone is still having trouble. My first run through (using save and quit) glitched on me and I never got the achievement. I started a second run through (completing each free play to the end), but I copied my save file before I got the last 10 minikits. The achievement still glitched on me. I restored my save file (10 minikits to go) and cleared my HD's cache. replayed the last level, and the achievement popped as I collected the last minikit. It may not be an actual fix to the problem, but its worth a try if anyone is having a problem.
That sounds like a great idea, gonna backup my save when I only have 10 to go.

So far I've been saving and quitting out of levels, have not done the arcade mode achievement yet, planning on doing it last, so no second player ever, and I've yet to buy any of the minikit characters.

And yeah, they won't ever be patching this, I bet because it doesn't effect everyone, and patches cost 40 to 50 thousands dollars.

Though I hear the first patch on the 360 is free, have they patched this game once yet?

I'll post again if it pops or not.

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