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Same happened to me, tried couple of time, but its never like the videos.
They seem to be able to do it slowly at own pace, kicking ppl one by one, with only hand full of bosses ever showing.

Reality is, we either get swamped, or there's like 20 bosses in all with 2 at a time, and normaly electric with penitrator, that spawn behind U.

We can complete at 25k but too many bosses to take slow.

My main problem, find any1 who dedicated to get it done. I'm coming on everyday 7-9pm GMTuk, and ppl only want to sit in when hit 50k or they're cba after the initial FR.

So if ur b on same time, and can get 3rd player to Hurd bosses, lets do this

Please msg if working on:GTA4, GTA5, All GoW
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