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I only noticed when I went back to mop up the last collectibles I missed. I didn't really pay attention when playing through the game, I just assumed the ID's were a method of getting the game's credits in.

Oh and as for the pics, I know a lot about serial killers but I wouldn't recognise most of them from pictures, regardless that the pics arent real the Wuornos ID's pic actually looks like a younger, attractive version of Aileen.

As for the protagonist, he's obviously disturbed. Antisocial, identified more with nature and animals than with human beings etc. BUT:

Originally Posted by ThePumpkinKing View Post
Wow... Has it really not dawned on anyone else that the game's protagonist, the guy we're playing as, is a sociopath?
Not true. He isn't a sociopath. It's not exactly a big deal (no bigger than the guy in this thread who mentioned 'cereal killers' anyway :P) but sociopaths have no capacity to understand the emotions of others beyond using them to their own ends. The game's protagonist (Randal is it?) isn't a sociopath because despite his hallucinations and what he realizes at the end of the game he actually loved his family. Misuse of the word sociopath (which isn't even used medically these days) is a little pet peeve of mine, the same way some people get about the universal misunderstanding of the concept of irony.

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