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Beginner 10 Killed 10 monsters

See: Big Game Hunter for details. This should be one of the first achievements you get.

Legendary Hero 20 Collected 20 legendary items

There are 20 legendary items in the game, along with one other if you have the Treasure Isle DLC. You have to get all 20 of them to get the achievement (if you have the DLC the legendary item from that counts, meaning you only need 19 from the base game).

For a guide to them all, see here: Scroll down the menu bar on the right side of the page until you get to “Legendary Items.”

Storyteller 10 Collected 10 legendary items

See: Legendary Hero for details.

Treasure Hunter 10 Found first treasure in the game

A treasure is only obtainable when you have a treasure map and a shovel. Once you have both, simply activate the quest on your map (press X on the quest screen to mark any quest as currently active), and go to the location it indicates. Once there, you should see a red "X" marked on the ground. Just stand over it and press A (there will be no prompt to do so), and you’ll dig up the treasure.

Made of Money 50 Acquired 300,000 gold

You won’t get this much gold naturally in one playthrough, but fortunately, as with all the other “get x number of this/kill x number of this” achievements, everything you get across all playthroughs stacks without you needing to save. Thus, you can get this easily by getting a good number of items in your inventory, saving in front of any vendor, selling them all your items, and then simply reloading your save and repeating the process. It does not have to be 300,000 in your inventory at one time.

Cash Cow 30 Acquired 100,000 gold

See: Made of Money.

Skinflint 10 Acquired 1000 gold

See: Made of Money.

Protector 10 Won duel against Severin

Easy enough. Severin is located in the main courtyard in Caldera outside the room you start the game in. When you talk to him, offer to help train his students and he’ll challenge you to a duel. Accept it and beat him. If you’re having trouble early on, you can always come back once you’ve levelled up a bit.

Digger 10 Dug up 50 treasures

Seeing as there aren’t 50 treasures in the game, the best way to do this is to save right before you dig one up, re-load your save once you’ve dug it up, and repeat the process.

Kleptomaniac 10 Picked 100 locks

To pick locks you’ll need a lockpick (acquired during the “Freeing Largo” quest on Tacarigua) and enough points in your “thievery” talent to pick that particular lock. Then, find a locked chest and play the lock-picking mini-game. There are more than enough locked chests (and a few doors) to get this naturally during a single playthrough; however, you could always do the save-and-load trick used in other achievements if you want to get this out of the way.
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