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Crack Shot 10 Hit 10 times in one game in the shooting mini-game

The shooting mini-game is offered by 2 characters: Barney at the Pirate’s Den on Tacarigua and Henri on Antigua. Simply hit all 10 targets (but don’t shoot any bombs) that are thrown across the screen. Easy enough. If you’re having trouble, keep your crosshair in the center of the screen when waiting for a target (in order to minimize the distance the cursor has to travel), and use the right thumbstick to aim. Note that you don’t have to have the exact center of the crosshair on the target to hit it; anywhere in the circle will do.

Drunkard 10 Won drinking duel mini-game 10 times

The drinking duel mini-game is offered a few places, the easiest of which to find is probably from Morgan in the bar near the dock on Antingua. Simply challenge him 10 times and beat him. Easy enough. When going for the bottles, make sure to grab them from the middle, rather than the edges.

Birdbrain 10 Used parrot 5 times

To get the parrot, you’ll have to have the Parrot Trainer skill, which requires you to have a cunning level of 8, and then buy the skill (which comes with a free parrot) from Flannigan on Tacarigua. From there, simply equip the parrot and use it 5 times; it does not have to be used in battle.

Tour Guide 10 At least 5 crew members on the ship

Easy enough, simply have 5 crew members on your ship. 4 of these are unmissable; for the fifth, you’ll have to talk to Bones in Maracai Bay and get him to agree to join, unless you have either of the DLCs, which will each give you an extra crew member (though in the case of Treasure Isle, that crew member is only temporary).

All-Rounder 30 Learned each skill once

This, along with Big Game Hunter, is one of the two grinding achievements. To get this, you’ll have to buy every single skill in the game across all playthroughs. It is not doable in one playthrough, as to buy every skill for an attribute requires you to have level 10 in that attribute, and there is simply not enough xp in the game to do this. Also, having max Firearms and Voodoo is impossible, as the two are mutually exclusive (you can have a few skills in Voodoo if you choose Firearms, and vice-versa, but not all of them). Thus, the simplest way to get this achievement is:

1. Save up 61,000 glory (xp) as this is the amount required to get to level 10 in an attribute (the xp needed will be a little less if you happen to have the legendary item for an attribute).

2. Save up around 17,000 gold, the amount needed to buy all skills for a particular attribute.

3. Once you have both above steps done, save your game in a new slot. Then max out any one attribute, and proceed to buy all the skills for that attribute from the various skill trainers in the game. This done, re-load your game without saving, and move on to the next attribute.

Regular-level trainers (for level 7 and under skills) are found on almost any island. However, there is only one master-level trainer for each attribute (for level 8-10 skills). They are:

Blades - Admiral Alvarez on Antigua. Note there is a bug with him, in that he will not offer to train you any further if you have told him you have all the Titan Artifacts. The only way around this is to load a previous save. Also note that you have to finish with Slayne's questline before he will offer to train you.
Firearms - Godin in the High Council in Caldera.
Toughness - Bones (initially in Maracai Bay, later on in your crew if you offer him a position).
Toughness - Alister on the top floor of Booze's bar at the Pirates' Den on Tacarigua (not a master level trainer, but he is the only NPC who will teach you the Distiller skill).
Cunning - Flannigan at the Pirates’ Den on Tacarigua.
Voodoo - Osamu in Maracai Bay.

If you’re having trouble finding someone, you can always go into the characters section of your journal (under Logbook), and set a marker for any type of teacher. It will show you all the ones who are on the island you’re currently on.

4. Firearms and Voodoo are mutually exclusive. You can only max out one or the other on a single playthrough; thus, you will have to start another game to get the one you didn’t choose. Or, you could simply reload a save from before being forced to choose between the Inquisition and the Natives, and play from there.
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