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Voodoo Wizard 20 Learned everything about voodoo

To get this achievement, you need to get this attribute raised to level 10 (or level 11, if you have the legendary item for it). This will require 61,000 glory (xp). The best thing to do, therefore, is to save up that much xp, save your game, then max out the attribute you want. From there you can reload your save, and max out the others one at a time.

Rogue 20 Learned everything about cunning

See: Voodoo Wizard

Tough Bastard 20 Learned everything about toughness

See: Voodoo Wizard

Gunslinger 20 Learned everything about firearms

See: Voodoo Wizard

Blademaster 20 Learned everything about blades

See: Voodoo Wizard

Mr Industrious 50 Completed 250 quests

As simple as it suggests. Simply do every quest you can find. For a full quest list, see here:

Necromancer 20 'The Split Soul' completed

To do this, you have to have Bones in your crew. Talk to him until he mentions something about a white scarf. Later on, while in the Underworld, you will find his other half. Simply talk to him until you get the option to mention the white scarf. Once this is done, talk to him in the real world again to complete the quest.

Cheese Knife 20 'The Cunning Captain' completed

Story-related, unmissable. Note there is a bug people sometimes encounter with this that makes the duel at the end of this quest line unwinnable (you can't hit him and he can't hit you). There are two workarounds for this:

1. Reload a save from the beginning of the Isle of Thieves, making sure to follow Slayne the whole way and not go exploring on your own until after the cutscene with the chest.

2. During the duel, either lure your opponent out onto the fields where there are monsters and stand next to your enemy so the monsters hit him while they're trying to hit you, or attack the townsfolk and do the same thing, so they're the ones attacking him. Make sure to have plenty of healing items. Once your opponent is defeated, you can simply run away from town until they stop chasing you (everything should be ok once you have the option to fast-travel); when you return, the townsfolk will no longer be hostile.

Tub Captain 20 'Build a Raft' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Friend of the Gnomes 20 'The Gnome Eater' completed

Talk to Kaan (the Gnomes’ chieftain) on The Isle of Thieves, and he’ll give you this quest. This boss fight is very difficult (I found it to be by far the hardest in the game), especially since the creature will eat any weapons you have equipped except the Titan Spear. The best way of doing it, then, is to climb up to the back of a tiny little ledge on the right side of the clearing (it has what appears to be the head of a fallen statue lying upside down in front of it), and keep throwing the spear at the monster. If you’re positioned correctly near the back, it shouldn’t be able to hit you, even if it climbs up the wall itself. The parrot is also apparently useful here, though I didn’t use it myself.
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