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Provisions Master 20 'Ship's Equipment' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

The Hand of God 20 'The Greedy Captain' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

The Right Hand 20 'Chaka Datu's Legacy' completed

Talk to any of Datu, Hakeke, or Zaalu in Maracai Bay to start this. (Though Hakeke and Zaalu may or may not offer the quest to you, depending on what faction you’re with).

Captain 30 'A New Ship' completed

Story-related, unmissable. Note there is a bug during the "sabotage the cannons" phase of the quest, whereby Benito will not leave his post during the night (as he is supposed to). You therefore cannot sabotage the cannons stealthily, and thus have no alternative but to beat him up (try to lure him down the forest path to his right, to avoid having the whole city attack you) and sabotage the cannons while he is down.

Harpooner 20 'The Titan Weapon' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Liberator 10 'Free Hawkins' completed

Story-related, unmissable. Note that if you don’t have a thieving skill high enough to get the key, you can apparently blow the cell door open with a cannon or a bomb.

Voodoo Pirate 20 'The Ancestors' Blessing' completed

Story-related, unmissable if you are on the Native/Voodoo path. Unobtainable in that playthrough if you are not.

Knight in Shining Armour 10 'Rescue Patty!' completed

Story-related, unmissable.
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