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Secret Achievements

Monkey Dance 10 Used monkey 20 times

To get the monkey, you’ll have to have cunning at level 6, and buy the skill from Flanngan on Tacarigua. From there, simply equip the monkey, send it out, and then return it to your character. Rinse and repeat.

Seafarer 10 Travelled by ship 20 times

Pretty self-explanatory. You can either get this naturally or just sail back and forth between two locations.

The Curse Is Broken! 50

Story-related, unmissable.

Lord of the Tentacle 50

Story-related, unmissable.

Ghost Pirate 20

Story-related, unmissable.

Artefact Hunter 20

Story-related, unmissable.

Detective 20 'Garcia's Masquerade Uncovered' completed

Rather than posting details here, which would provide major spoilers, I’ll simply post a link to the walkthrough here: Note that this IS missable, and also sets up a pretty difficult fight. Make sure to have lots of healing items and good weapons before doing this.

Bookworm 20 'Following Garcia's Trail' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Pirate with Muskets 20 'Four Muskets against Crow' completed

Story-related, unmissable if you are on the Inquisition side. Unobtainable in that playthrough if you are not.

Pirate 20 'Become a Pirate' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

He Really Exists! 20 'Find Steelbeard' completed

Story-related, unmissable.
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