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DLC: Treasure Isle - Cost: 800 MSP (or free with new copies of Special Edition) - Achievements: 3 - Points: 50

Alligator Jack 20 Killed all alligators on Treasure Isle

Pretty self-explanatory. For a map of all alligators, see here:

Long John Silver 10 Set course for Treasure Isle for the first time

Pretty self-explanatory. Once youíve got pages 2-4 of the diary and recruited Harlok, talk to Patty and Treasure Isle will be available for you to sail to.

Secret Achievements

Grave Robber 20 Opened every deadly chest once

At the end of the Treasure Isle quest, there will be four chests you have to choose from. 3 of them will kill you, while the other will complete the quest. Simply save before opening any of them, and open each of them, one at a time, reloading after you die (the one on the left contains the treasure).

DLC: Air Temple - Cost: 800 MSP (or free with new copies of Special Edition) - Achievements: 3 - Points: 50

Robinson Crusoe 10 'The Marooned Sailor' completed

Upon arriving at the Air Temple island, youíll come across a marooned man named Creuse. Offer to take him home to Antigua, and do so once youíve finished your business on the island.

Templar 10 'The Air Temple' complete

You get this quest from Eldric on Antigua. Simply follow it to its end.

Secret Achievements

Exterminator 30 Killed all gargoyles and gave their eggs to Eldric

This quest is a bit buggy in that the gargoyles on the Air Temple island sometimes spawn in mid-air, or donít spawn at all. This is problematic in that you have to kill them all. When they spawn in mid-air, you can either shoot them with a musket or throw the Titan Harpoon at them. Sometimes the bug can be fixed by simply reloading, and sometimes not. Iíd advise you to save before setting foot on the island, and to save frequently in a different slot after each kill.

Once you've killed all the gargoyles on the Air Temple island, speak to Eldric on your ship and he'll tell you they've spread elsewhere across the seas. You have to then travel to each (non-DLC) island/location and talk to Eldric while in port; he will tell you whether or not there are more gargoyles/eggs in that location. Once you've killed them all and gotten their eggs, talk to him again and the achievement should pop.

For reference, there are six locations you need to visit for this. They are:

Caldera (no gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect, but you have to talk to Eldric anyway)
Isle of the Dead (ditto)
Tacarigua (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
Maracai Bay (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
Sword Coast (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
Isle of Thieves (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
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