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So, I delayed downloading the "extended cut" of the game until I finished and got to see the original ending. (Yah, I started way late and only beat the game a couple days ago) and now that I've seen the original ending and the extended cut ending, I have to say... the original was way better. But the thing to keep in mind is not that the original was so negative, but that it showed the cost of such a victory over such an all consuming and destroying enemy.

The original showed that for such a major victory, there was a huge price to be paid and not just by Commander Shepard. The cost of the the was was bore by the whole galaxy, and not just one man. Sure Shepard loses his love interest. What does it matter really? In an instant, the galaxy became infinitely small again due to the destruction of the relays. Because of this, the other races will never see the bulk of their fighting forces again. Their warriors and heroes are now nothing more than stories and legends. The Sol system suddenly gained (depending on how you played) all of the known "mature" sentient races. Of course, they are all now forever lost to their home worlds. They can, however, rest easy knowing that the price they paid secured the freedom and survival of their homes.

I think that alone was probably the most epic and meaningful of endings that could have happened (until the DLC). This is the ending I would have prefered they stuck with. Now, because people cannot deal with sadness mixing with their happy ending, there was NO cost to the galaxy. All of it goes back to the way it was. The relays get rebuilt, Shepards woman/man returns and only Shepard disappears (unless you went with the "perfect ending" which was complete garbage and should have been the 2nd best option) That cut scene after credits? WAY less meaningful now. Even pointless. (unless you chose the new option and got the new end of credits cut scene. Which was amazing all by itself, and would have been an even better and more EPIC ending, though it would have been met with MORE hate than the original)

The end of credits cut scene implied that the return to the stars (the distant ones... the far off ones... the ones not reachable without centuries of travel due to the loss of the relays) was still a work in progress. It implied that even though the war had been won, and the tale had lived on long enough to have lost many details, humanity was returned to where it was before it had the relays. Though curiously, it seems to also imply that every single alien left with their fleets to begin the long haul home. This just added to the bittersweet ending.

The choice really is: Epic ending that shows the immense cost of the war and it's victory, or the same old ending you've seen from every other game.

Side note:

The "REAL" best ending was taking control of the Reapers and not destroying the newly individualized Geth and EDI. In this ending, Shepard essentially ascends, and doesn't die. He becomes "one" with what this game presents as a "god," though he loses all connection with what he was. In this ending, ALL life is preserved, with the cost being that the rest of the galaxy is now unreachable and the various populations made drastically smaller.

and for Bahroo

Honestly, I did expect the first response to that thread to be either some random jackhole who didn't read, or some random jackhole trolling for stupidity's sake. Congrats, you hit both. Why respond? Wait, I know, internet anonymity provides for the ability to be a complete douche without consequence. Check.

But you're right about this thread. I did a quick scan of the forum and missed it, so I moved it here. Doesn't negate that you're a douche.

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