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umm i have to say that i totally agree with delta n1n3 i just did most of the morally good choices but i stole bullets from civilians and basically did a middle of the road playthrough and when i shot the laser designator off i got the achievement, its cool that lily researched that novus homo stuff but honestly i think this achievement can be gotten by doing most the good choices, looking around heaps and shooting the designator maybe thats all that needs to be said?

oh and i got both endings in one playthrough, honestly if you want to do it in 1 PT then do all the good moral choices and look everywhere because the "ranger" ending is just a case of reloading the last checkpoint and waiting for the bombs...

interesting note that i heard the dark ones say "he can hear us.." etc, but they also said "he is here to destroy us" and "he must be stopped" and i still got the enlightened achievement.

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