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I think Bethesda/Zenimax only owns the rights to id software-developed games (Wolf 3D/Spear, Doom 1-3/RoE [co-developed by Nerve Software], Quake 1-3 and Rage). Final Doom, Master Levels and Doom 64 were all developed by third party developers, not id (although Master Levels was contracted by id, but still, not developed by). That is why you probably won't see any official releases of these, at least on a console. It would probably cost too much to convert them, anyway.

Back in the day, these were officially released by id Software (not Bethesda nor Activision), which is how I think these are on Steam. There's an id Software pack on Steam for $100 that includes Wolf 3D/Spear/Return, Doom 1-3/RoE/Final Doom/Master Levels, Quake 1-4/Mission Packs for 1 & 2, Rage, Commander Keen, Heretic and Hexen/Mission Packs. I think that since id sells every one of these games for the PC on their website, they are considered the "distributors" of these games, not Bethesda, not Activision. That is why it's on Steam. I guess id still owns the rights to distribute some software on the PC that doesn't fall under the banner of Bethesda/Activision. Or so I would guess.

Needless to say, we're probably never going to get Final Doom, Master Levels or Doom 64 on our consoles.

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