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Originally Posted by LickableLemons7 View Post
That is an interesting point you bring up, making it even more valid with the photo hanging up in the conductor's compartment of the train. There was Chuck, with his wife and 2 sons. But time will tell if he is or not.

Chuck seems ok. He cares for Clementine enough to tell Lee to cut her hair to avoid being grabbed more easily, and teach her to use a gun so she can defend herself. But at the rate people are going, considering the last episode, Kenny could kill himself in the next episode trying to save what's left of the group, Omid could go either way seeing how expendable he was at the end of episode 3, and Chuck could leave the group when we reach Savannah. That leaves Ben, Omid's girlfriend, Clem, and Lee. Ben could die easily because of his lack of judgment and stupidity. As for Omid's girlfriend, people in another thread were assuming she was pregnant. Would TellTale have the guts to kill off a pregnant woman, if she is ACTUALLY pregnant?

Well you get to shoot a kid, which is considered pretty taboo.
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