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Originally Posted by The Rabbit Suit View Post
Anybody know of a few decent guides for particular maps? I haven't done any firefight match on ODST yet, but I figured I have to go at them solo since I have a poor connection.
for specific maps? not that i can think of, you could just youtube search some walkthrus, but i can give you general tips that will help. most of my 200ks were with buddies, but several of them i completed solo.
  • staying alive is key, as the higher sprees you get the more pts are awarded.
  • after you complete a round and kill the hammer chieftan, grab his hammer.. this will be your primary weapon thru the entire firefight.
  • use B (not RT for strong melee) this will kill the enemy but not deplete the hammer charge, also each kill counts toward your 'hammer spree.'
  • after you hit 10 in a row, kill one enemy with your other weapon of choice then repeat the hammer spree. this will reset the spree allowing you to net all those points over and over in one life.
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