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Originally Posted by Motorexskygtr32 View Post
My friend and I were talking about this game and consider to buy this game but I need to know whether you could play online co-op in story mode with a friend. I checked and it has 2 green checks on co-op campaign and co-op mode but we are more interesting in co-op campaign because of story mode to be able to play with a friend for online.

We just wanted to make sure about this, thanks.

Edit: I have been digging around the net since nobody have a time to reply my question. It said that 2nd player cannot play with the host unless 2nd player beat the specific stage in order to join the host's stage that 2nd player already progress that stage. Is that true or Is it similiar to DW: Strikeforce where player can freely join the host's without a limit restriction to 2nd player?
You can only play on maps that you and your friend have both already beaten. As far as quickplay goes, it's extinct. I've never found a single game on it. Connecting with each other could be smoother - once we made it in game, the netcode ran great. But got random disconnects. The online multiplayer is the one weak spot in this game but at least it has something.

I would still recommend purchasing it reguardless!

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