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Finaly completed High Explosive using party the meathods:
-shooting through the window in the room to left, by the door, getting perfect headshots
-then hiding behind the kitchen table/chair, making the Jugernauts stop at the door and then spamming the wall behind with thumpers.
-Then when get to 6, jumpout get ammo, and run with a friend to the right room where you can knife them, and have parter revive you. And its a bit risky, but the partner revive you can periodicaly throw C4 over your head making it go a bit quicker, as it took nearly 25mins knifing.

Armor piercing we just sniped together and when 2 or 3 came flashed

Wetwork should be very easy, but its GLITCH AFTER GLITCH!!
These are some of the worse that we encountered
-Not being able to shoot through the fence (all bullets bounce off)
-Not being able to shoot through the stair hand rails
-Partner seeing me getting downed when i was fine
-Partner then seeing me laying down walking around
-partner then seeing me glitch body into a wall
-when i did actually legitly get downed, partner couldnt see me, and couldnt revive
-Another time, the game just randomly restarted when we were fine!!

-random spawning of enemies behind, when they shouldnt.
-The helicopter teleporting instantly after its been destroyed
-The helicopter dying, then still being able to shoot and down partner, then disapearing
-the explosive barrels in the final breach room just blowing up as soon as we enter


Please msg if working on:GTA4, GTA5, All GoW
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