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Originally Posted by Ephidel View Post
This nearly happened to me, and still might knowing my luck. I saw my challenges didn't load, so I backed out, shat myself, kicked my brother off the internet, plugged an ethernet cable from the Modem into my 360, reconnected and they didn't load...

Until I checked my Syndicate, then I went back to my Agent tab and they had reappeared. I only really have Electric Armour Kills to grind out, but I'm terrified of booting it up again in case it wipes everything. Such a great game, but the glitches, especially this one, are soul-destroying if you get hit with them.
I'm VERY happy to see that you avoided the reset!! I agree that glitches like this can be very disheartening, but at least with Syndicate it's something you can circumvent... I've watched resets happen to friends with other, more popular shooters, specifically one in mind... a third person, uber-popular shooter that has had rank reset issues that are unavoidable since the first of the three games... I think we all know what game I'm talking about here... lol

but the bottom line here, like the OP states, is to check those stats before starting or connecting to a game... if you run into this again, you should just be able to back out to the main menu and reconnect to the Co-Op server... it should restore your stats with the first try, but I've had it take a couple back and forths before... the good news is that the stats are not saved until you actually start up a game, or connect to one in progress...

once you see a "challenge completed" while in a match that you've already completed before, it is too late to fix... from what we know, anyway...

again, really, really, REALLY happy to hear that you weren't reset... any bad that happens with this game effects me on a personal level... not that I had anything to do with the creation, mind you... just that I have a long love of this IP, was really happy with the remake, and loathe any bad press this awesome title gets... sure, it's buggy... but most of the glitches with it can be avoided by paying attention like you did...
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