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that video guide in the first post is excellent.

had only attempted a couple of times before watching.

now less than half an hour later I have my 1000g.

completed it on recruit regular and hardened in quick succession before taking on veteran.

found it help to knife toilet guy then hipfire at guy in the doorway throwing the flash over his head.

pop out and spray the guys who are blinded and pick up the P90.

duck and reload and wait, pop the guys hiding round the corners in the T junction. flash the main room then run and lie down to the left. team clears the room. run up the stairs, flash to the right and head back down and up the left stairs. spray the guys.

pause and reload whilst pressed up against the wall in the middle. kill the shotgun guy waiting at the corner then flash the corridor on the right and run out spraying. knife the last unflashed guy and sprint to the doors.

headshot was easier on veteran imo as there is more head to aim for.
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