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I think it has to do with some of the actual sidequests in that hold. My experience panned out as follows:

I received my letter from the Jarl of Falkreath, I went over to him and killed some bandits he was dealing with (Not sure if thats radiant as I've done it more than once, going to the same hideout with the same objective, however if it is then my bad) and then returned. I asked to buy a plot of land and I wasn't thane, but I was given the land. House 1 built.

Next I travelled to Morthal and did the Laid to Rest quest which you receive from the Jarl directly. After that I could purchase my second piece of land. House 2 built.

Finally I travelled to Dawnstar and completed the Waking Nightmare quest (which you receive in the Inn from the priest of Mara, can't miss him to be fair, he's the priest with the mace), as the Jarl won't deal with you otherwise, then I completed a quick Giant slaying quest for him, then I could buy the 3rd plot. House 3 built.

I'm not sure if the radiant quests from the steward like {Kill X enemy at Y Location} actually contribute to the Jarl/Steward selling you the land. I would say you try and make sure the above is completed first, then talk to the Jarls directly and ask if you can do anything for them. If the radiant quests do contribute then I'll shut up xD
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