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My 30 minute method of getting this achievement

Originally Posted by Eggnogga View Post
Ok, like most of you I was using the method mentioned in the guide -- Sandbox, God Mode, set for 10 years. I have found a MUCH easier/quicker way.
I was looking into this achievement and tried both your method and also the method explained in the achievement guide. Both are good methods, the one in the achievement guide however requires a lot less work, just waiting and clicking whenever a message pops up.

I wasn't really prepared to go through either of these methods for 51 missions to get this achievement though, but I had no other choice ... that is, until I tried out something different, and it worked perfectly, I had the achievement in less than 30 minutes.

Here is how I did it:

1. Start a sandbox mission in God mode

2. Check the traits you need the stars for and start the mission

3. As soon as the mission starts, press the start button to get to the pause menu

4. Click in the left stick and hold, click in the right stick and hold. After about 3 or 4 seconds of keeping both sticks pressed in a menu will appear.

5. Move down the list and click "El Pollo Diablo" and the current mission will end immediately and you will get the trait stars you had chosen

6. Repeat the same procedure until you have all BUT 1 to 3 stars

7. The last stars you have to do in a normal mission, and the achievement will pop once it is competed.

This method will save you many many hours. I am surprised something similar hasn't been mentioned here already.

Good luck
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