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Few bits of info on my main character's game that someone might pick up on and spot a problem:

- Thane in all areas with weapons to prove it

- 100 all skills and halfway through 81 to 82

- Finished main questline and all available faction quests including Dawnstar

- Killed Halverd in DB quests although after reloading a totally different save from another character who has also killed Halverd and that one had no problem so Halverd is not a deciding factor but might affect the disposition of Siggdeir in conjunction with other factors.

- I have none of the OP's blocking quests active, they're all completed HOWEVER I do have a miscellaneous quest of some bounty needing to be handed in to Jarl Skald who has been booted out of Dawnstar after the Imperial side quests. He says nothing other than to tell me s*d off and won't complete the hand-in portion, neither will the quest on my list change from inactive to active to appear on the map as an arrow. I've tried clicking it several times but it just stays as the diamond instead of the arrow.

I have some other item hand-in quests like Shalidor's writings that I can try to complete but nothing else that relates to any of the Jarls or stewards. Apart from the Skald quest above can anyone think of a reason from the points above that I'm having the Falkreath land plot problem and any way to fix it? I'd be EXTREMELY grateful!

P.S. One more thing I just noticed: The older character that HAS managed to get all 3 plots and houses bought and created (although the achievement hasn't kicked in) still has the Amulet of Arkay ACTIVE in his quest list so that is NOT a blocking quest to getting the Falkreath plot of land.


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