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Originally Posted by ryanclive View Post
Is there anyone who were offered the choice to buy the land, and were able to do so, while the current Jarl is Siddgeir AND Halvard is already dead?

Just to narrow this down: If the current Jarl is Siddgeir AND Helvard is dead due to the Dark Brotherhood quest, then the option of buying the land will never be offered - Correct?

Emphasize on "AND", meaning both criteria has to be in place at the same time. Thanks in advance for any information.

Killing Helvard does NOT stop you buying the land or annoy the Jarl enough. On one character I can't buy it and on the other I can but I'm a Falkreath Thane in both and Helvard is dead in both. In both these games Siddgeir is the current Jarl.

Also it isn't the rare item dropoff (Amulet of Arkay, Ysolde's mammoth tusk etc)stopping the advancement either as the character that can buy Falkreath land also has the Arkay quest still active.

It's something else and I have no idea what it can be.

Underlining to assure the details are correct.
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