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Originally Posted by buggss View Post
HOWEVER I do have a miscellaneous quest of some bounty needing to be handed in to Jarl Skald who has been booted out of Dawnstar after the Imperial side quests. He says nothing other than to tell me s*d off and won't complete the hand-in portion, neither will the quest on my list change from inactive to active to appear on the map as an arrow. I've tried clicking it several times but it just stays as the diamond instead of the arrow.
Sorry, I just saw this now (in reference to my other post) and I have the same predicament. Except the Skald in my game is already in Solitude, since I supported the Empire, and all Stormcloak supporters were placed there. I'm fairly certain this it.

From what I can see so far, it's the radiant quests, a combination of them, or varying versions of them are preventing the Jarl of Falkreath from offering the land. As you have pointed out, it's not Helvard, nor the Jarl, perhaps not even Nenya we should we worried about. Of course, I'm not sure, but until a fix is released, all we can do is try other possibilities. :-/
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