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Originally Posted by Arsenic 17 View Post
Pattern: Many different things can work to fix the problem. Some things that work for some do not work for others. This DLC has pissed just about everyone off in someway.
Tell me about it....

Originally Posted by iNu View Post
Taken from the Bethesda Forums

"Where do I start Hearthfire?
If you have already completed tasks for the jarls of Falkreath, Hjaalmarch, or Dawnstar and earned their trust, you will receive a letter from the steward of their respective towns letting you know that land has become available for purchase. Receipt of this letter is required in order to be able to purchase land. You will receive a iscellaneous objective, and a quest target that points to the Steward or relevant authority of that hold.

If you have not yet earned the trust of the Jarls, you will receive a letter via Courier once your character is level 9 or higher. The invite will allow your character to visit and learn about the benefits of working for them and the possibility of buying land. If your character is already level 9 or above when Hearthfire is first installed, you will soon receive the letter from a Courier while visiting a town or settlement.

How do I gain the ability to purchase a land plot?
You must earn the trust of the Jarl for the area you wish to purchase land in (Falkreath, Hjaalmarch, or Dawnstar). Each hold requires some specific favors or quests to be completed to earn that Jarl’s trust. After doing these, you will receive a letter informing your character that the land is available for purchase. This letter is required for purchase.

What are the specific requirements for getting land in each hold?

For Falkreath: You must complete the “Rare Gifts” favor, and the “Kill the Bandit Leader” favor. You may then buy land from Steward Nenya.

For Hjaalmarch: You must complete the quest “Laid to Rest”. You may then buy land from Steward Aslfur.

For Dawnstar: You must complete the Daedric Quest “Waking Nightmare” and then the favor “Kill the Giant”. Please note that this favor has the prerequisites of being level 22 or higher, and having had previously completed the “Waking Nightmare” Daedric Quest. At this point, you can then buy land directly from Jarl Skald the Elder."

I was stuck with Falkreath but i did all the misc rare gift quests, once i did all them i was able to buy land from the Jarl in Falkreath.

"Rare Gift Quests

Getting the book The Mirror for captain Aldis in Solitude

Getting a Mammoth Tusk for Ysolda in Whiterun

Getting the book Song of the Alchemists for Lami in Morthal

Getting the book Night falls on Sentinel for Rustleif in Dawnstar

Getting an Amulet of Arkay for Torbjorn Shatter-Shield in Windhelm
Thanks for the info but even if it's from Bethesda it isn't reliable in all cases.

One of my characters who was able to buy the Falkreath land with no problem at all still has the Amulet of Arkay quest very much active and incomplete so that's not a definite obstruction.

Originally Posted by ryanclive View Post
Sorry, I just saw this now (in reference to my other post) and I have the same predicament. Except the Skald in my game is already in Solitude, since I supported the Empire, and all Stormcloak supporters were placed there. I'm fairly certain this it.

From what I can see so far, it's the radiant quests, a combination of them, or varying versions of them are preventing the Jarl of Falkreath from offering the land. As you have pointed out, it's not Helvard, nor the Jarl, perhaps not even Nenya we should we worried about. Of course, I'm not sure, but until a fix is released, all we can do is try other possibilities. :-/
Solitude? You sure? I sided with and completed the Imperial side in the civil war and all the Stormcloak Jarls and stewards are sitting in the palace of the kings in Windhelm at the big banquet table.
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