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Originally Posted by ShaggyB View Post
Is that a radiant kill X person quest, looking through DB i dont see a kill that name quest in the main line.
No, the DB quest we're talking about is the one they tell you to kill Heldvar, however I have one game where he's dead and I can buy the land and another character's game where he's also dead but I can't buy the land.

The radient quests we're on about are where one of the stewards has given you a bounty for the jarl asking you to kill a bandit, a dragon or a giant.

One of the differences I have between my 2 characters is that the one who can't buy the Falkreath land and gets nasty comments off the Falkreath jarl has a radient quest to hand in in my misc quests telling me to return to Skald for the bounty. I cannot do this as he won't talk to me and I can't toggle that quest to active for some reason which I've never seen before.

However as everyone who's having trouble seems to be having their own problem I'm thinking the main focus of the problem is the Falkreath jarl and we all have our own causes for him to be a bit of a git.
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