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Originally Posted by buggss View Post
Oh incidentally, a few here and elsewhere have mentioned mailed invites.

I've not received ANY mailed invites from any of the 3 jarls who sell land.

I did get 2 letters, one from the new owner of the Riften kiddy home and one from Preventius (sp?) the Whiterun steward letting me know I can visit to change my alchemy table for a child's bedroom (yeah right)

For clarity I've been a thane in all the areas for a long time with blades to show for it, got no letters from anyone but Whiterun but still can't buy Falkreath land on one of them but not the other.
I got 3 when i first booted the add on. One about adoptions, one about the kids room in whiterun and one from dawnstar inviting me to purchase land. ("Letter from jarl ____") I read it and it pointed me to a misc quest of speak to the jarl.
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