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The "Max Power" (upgrade all vehicles) achievement is only singleplayer in theory. Once you win all Showdown Tour races you cannot earn any more money in singleplayer. You can win a 1000 $ per challenge, but it would probably take ages to earn enough money that way (even if you do it with a second profile, and simply forfeit the challenges, you still have to complete events to send them).

So basically you have to play a lot of multiplayer to get that achievement, or waste endless hours on challenges.

As for the Comeback King achievement, so far it is the hardest one for me. The 7th guy has around 500 points every time, and I actually often get more for not doing anything and poeple simply bashing into me. So not only is it hard to get from 500 to around 6000 in 30 seconds, it is sometimes hard to stay in 8th place. Sick. Any recommendations?

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