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Some tips for people when they get their hands on the game:

When going for money (stuff kind of costs alot in the game on a per character basis), some of the quicker methods i have found involve playing arcade mode (i played on default settings with my main team). One run there yields over 2,000,000 (you get 2mil for completing the game on top of what you earn through the battles.
EDIT: Correction, you're only getting that 2 million the first time through arcade mode, you will not recieve it using the same team again.

Fight Labs' stage 5 Boss Battle can net you around 200,000-260,000G and its pretty easy to S rank if you have a good choice of moves (you only really need no more than 6 to achieve that. However, depending on the moves you use to complete the stage will affect how much development points you can earn. Weaker moves in your juggle = more dev. points. Using more damaging moves will just let you finish the stage quicker at the cost of less dev. points but yielding a little more gold. This battle can be finished in as little as 70 seconds. Averaging about 230,000G + 50,000DP every 80 seconds.

Ghost battle is the place to be to unlock the character specific customize items. You can average around 44,000-52,000G per fight. You can also unlock ending movies this way too. After a while you will notice a gold title on the opponent selection, picking this and winning the battle will give you 1-2 customize items, character panel (depending on your rank) and an ending movie. I've unlocked around 15 movies on my main profile and i've not played arcade mode once yet.


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