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Glitchy on Win7 for anyone else?

I don't get it. When I first got this years ago, I ran it on my old machine using on Windows XP with the loader and it ran flawlessly. I install it properly on a newer system with Win 7-64bit and it keeps freezing and black screening. Even BSOD'd a few times. It's like it's lagging even though I'm playing campaign alone! I tried the lowest settings available and it still does it. I barely made it through this glitchy shit on Normal. Not sure I want to bother with Legendary.

GeForce 285GTX FTW Edition
AMD Phenom II X3 2.8ghz
Hell, I'm even running everything on an actual hardware RAID for faster HDD access.

Edit: Definitely the shit nVidia drivers. Why do these idiots have to keep breaking things!?!? Has anyone else had issues and found a driver version that works?

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