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Level 8

1 – After you meet your first Elite soldier, you’ll run into some stair heading up. Underneath them is a vent that you can take farther down with a few guards and two Elite soldiers. Once you have taken care of them, go through the vent on the left to grab the scroll.

2 – A little bit above from the first one, you’ll find the banner where you can upgrade your equipment. Past that, there is a vent up top where you can find a gong to a secret room. This one requires you to use dead soldier bodies to get past the guards. Make sure to take them all with you on the way down.

3- At the very end of the level, you are supposed to grapple up and move a box over to go into the next room. Go down below the small bridge, and the vent down below leads to the last scroll for this level.

Level 9

1 – Right at the start of the level, there will be a hallway with lasers that will gun you down if you touch them. Go to the next room and head up to the vent. Once inside, move the box a little to the left, that way it isn’t blocking the vent below it. Go back down to that hallway, grapple up quickly and grab the scroll to the left.

2 – Once you get the keycard, there will be a blue door you can open. If you look at the top right corner you’ll see a vent that leads to a gong. Avoid the lasers by pulling the levers and the scroll is yours.

3 – This last scroll is at the top left corner of the map. You’ll see a sleeping dog in the room, and if you go out on the balcony to the left and climb up you’ll find it.

Level 10

1 –After battling some of the mercenaries, your companion will tell you to sense a room. Inside there, it will be full of the hanging bombs. Once you get past that, underneath the floor on the next room will have a weak floor. Once you step on it, you will fall through with a small cave full of traps. Avoid the knives that are thrown at you when you break the chains and the scroll is yours.

2 – Once you grab the tattoo artist, you can head to the next building to the right. Go down into the tunnel area below the building, and on the second floor you’ll find a vent on a ledge on the top left. There is a gong there leading you to a secret area with levers. Avoid the knives and grab the scroll.

3 – In the top area, between grabbing the tattoo tools and jailer, there is a room you can jump into that has two guards and two sleeping dogs. Once you have dealt with them you can grab the scroll to the left.

Level 11

1 – In the room where there are two of the stalkers, you’ll find the scroll on the top left corner of the room. These Stalkers are very dangerous, so set off the pot in the middle that is booby trapped and they’ll come running down to see what the noise was.

2 - Right when you hit the path of the hills, you can jump down the small bridge in front of you. It will lead to a challenge room. The video I made will show you how to do this, since writing it out would not be fun at the moment, but I’ll post something up better for it.

3 – Right after you get the second scroll, you’ll jump down to a cave area. It is up above the first Stalker you’ll see on the first ledge.

Level 12

1 – During the second sub area, instead of going left towards the yellow rectangle on the map, head to the right. You’ll have to get close on this because you need the light of the rail cart to open the path for you. Jump down to the vent before you get run over, and visit the last challenge room. Use your Mark of Serenity to get past the lasers and pull the switch. The light is your friend here.

2 – After grabbing your weapon and heading through the underground sub area, you’ll come a across a guard at the exit point. Kill him and you’ll run up a flight of stairs where there will be a vent on the second pair. The scroll is inside there.

3 – This is right after the second one. When you reach the top of the stairs, you’re supposed to go to the building on the right, but go all the way up top of the left one. There are a few Stalkers, so kill them or avoid them if you want. At the top part of the building there will be a vent on either side where you can take the last scroll of the game.

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