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Are brotherhood and Revelations relevant?

Ok a little background on my assassins creed history. I had played AC 1 & AC 2 and like both games but never really payed much attention to what was going on always just kind of went Rambo, and had fun. i am no going back and replaying each of the AC games before 3 comes out. My question, are brotherhood and revelations important to the series? Like for instance, would I be missing alot by skipping out on the 2 games? The reason I am asking is because I am 100% each of the games on my completion account but I never really took much interest in brotherhood and revelations, the seemed like the exact same game as 2 or the most part. Anyways I am tired and rambling , but what do you guys think is it important for me to play brotherhood and revelations to get the fullest out of the series? its going to be annoying trying to boost the shit multiplayer =(

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