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I still think AC 1 is worse... I liked this game a lot still, I do think Brotherhood and AC II were better but this isn't a terrible game, the tower defence thing is really stupid though and is fun fore maybe 4-5 times at most but then it gets boring. I like the feeling from that game though, the looks at night are really special, I have the artwork book that came with the special edition and once you read it you can see differences between districts, not as clearly as Brotherhood but it's still not hard to see if you look more closely. One thing I REALLY HATED though was when there were a couple of achievements glitched, buying all those damn books wasn't easy because they are expensive as hell, and then for some stupid glitch I have to play it again just for the books.. And I don't even get to read them, there's no text in them like Skyrim or something, so they're completely worthless on top of that. I looked through the achievement list and knew I could do all achievements within one playthrough, until stuff glitched on me and had to spend another 10 hours or so waiting for coins... Oh well, still liked this game, the Multiplayer too although since I played the multiplayer so much in Brotherhood I was relieved to see this gtime the achievements on it were much easier... The latest Multiplayer DLC is bullshit though I've played 20 games alrfeady and not once did I come across a new map...
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