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Originally Posted by KriugerisLT View Post
BioWare didn't build the franchise, nor did EA or any other publisher that was involved in ME universe. We did. The players of this trilogy.
Honestly this is 1 of the most ignorant statements I have ever seen n I respectfully disagree. We the players did not contribute to the writing, producing, editing or directing of this franchise. You wouldn't even have a mass effect game to complain about if it wasn't for bioware. N b4 u bring up any sale #'s, no 1 forced you or any1 else to purchase any of these games. No matter how any1 feels this is biowares work. You're statement is implying that every franchise or any game for that matter on the market was build by we the players. Maybe some fan feedback is taken into consideration when developing the 2nd n 3rd game but it is still the devs work. You n every1 else has every right to not like the way the game ended as that's you're right but you don't get to say how it should end. For that you need to go to school n get a degree in video game development n make your own games n then you can dictate how it starts n finishes. Maybe deal with some "fans" like yaself n see how that works out for you.

Originally Posted by Homaz View Post
I know the main complaint is the ending, but seriously, when Shepherd speaks to the Catalyst, he admits that his equation for balancing Chaos by eradicating organic life at its peak was now out dated after witnessing Shepherd bringing orgainics and synthetics together.

So in order to make a new equation to balance this he gives you the choice to destroy, control or merge with Reapers/Synths.
I know bioware debunked the IT but to me that's how the ending plays out. Choosing anything other then destroy is my shepard being indoctrinated. The catalyst gives you the option to destroy 1st then attempts to cloud you're judgement with control n then synthesis.The way he explains synthesis is similar to what saren says to you on the citadel at the end of ME1-

Saren: "Organic n machine intertwined. A union between flesh n steel. The strengths of both n the weaknesses of neither. I am a vision of the future shepard. The evolution of all organic life. This is our destiny. Join us n experience a true rebirth."

Catalyst: "Organics seek perfection through technology, synthetics seek perfection through understanding. Organics will be perfected by intergrating fully with synthetic technology. Synthetics in turn will finally have full understanding of organics. It is the ideal solution."

After hearing the catalyst say this i immediately thought of saren saying "The strengths of both n the weaknesses of neither."

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