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Need help with guide and roadmap!

There appears to be nothing on this game, there are some achievements that don't just revolve around killing and accumulating wins etc.
There appears to be nothing on the Internet about this game except the vague descriptions from translating the achievements on multiple sites.
If you can help with this game, please post!

Here is a few sites that may help:

I also took the liberty of creating a layout of the menus:

The achievements which I don't understand:
1) "Strategy for Beginners": You can get the tutorial and is in possession of; A new registration card other than the existing character
(I believe it's when you have the ability to buy a certain item from this list:
Update: 13/09/2012: This doesn't appear to be the case, still need help translating this achievement.

"Perfect Leader": Title that aims for perfection is always wearing; Perfect straight win with a victory

If we can get these properly translated a guide and roadmap will be easy!

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