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Hi guys, thanks for all the help this guide provided, and a big thanks to those talking about the stats reset malarky as the 4 of us in my syndicate all managed to avoid the reset by being vigilant.

I want to add a few things if I may

Gaggle of Guidance - 5
I managed this in co-op, I think 2 of us were running though Argentina and there is the bit where you can pick up a swarm launcher from a locker on the wall, it's during and after the room with all the trees/plants. the room gets a 1-2 drones and then shortly after as you work your way up the building there's 2-3 more drones. my friend was as surprised as me when it popped.

Collectables, Little Black Book and deny everything
I had no issues with these thankfully, I didn't get them all in one run (first playthough on hard) then when going for achievement and collectable mop-up I used chapter select and never dropped below normal difficulty. so mixing difficulty setting isn't an issue unless the glitchy one is picking up some on easy as well.

CEO - 100
100% completion (level, research and challenges)
No issues with this (massive relief) I think Market has posted an "anti glitch guide" a few times, your best tips are, never join mid match and always check your stats before and after playing, I even snapped a photo of my stats and the end of every session so I could compare next time I loaded up. Don't know if it makes a difference but I never played outside of my syndicate either.

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