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Originally Posted by oKIINGo View Post
Anybody know the easiest people to get The Best of Friends achivement and/or the 10 Hit Combo, also how do you do a low parry. These are the last 3 combat related achievements I need
For The Best of Friends select the team of Devil Jin and Kazuya in Practice or Versus Mode then do the following grab move.

Forward > Forward +LP +RP > TAG

Then repeat twice more for the achievement. Inputs may require certain speeds.

For the Low Parry set up a two player versus match and pick whoever you want. When the fight starts, get both players in close distance and do a low kick with you 2nd controller and at the same time press down-forward on your 1st controller. You should get a counter if timed properly. Repeat twice more for the achievement.

Lastly the 10-hit combo, which can be done with Yoshimitsu. You can do this in Practice or Versus as well. Perform the following combo as Yoshimitsu, you need to input it very fast with inputs ahead of the ones as they come out.

X > Y > X > B > B > B > X > X > X

Some slashes followed by some kicks then more slashes. It will read 10-hits if done right. Repeat this combo twice more for the Flying Butt-Kicker achievement.

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