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Originally Posted by ZingZitang View Post
On one hand, I understand your perspective and I know I would be furious if I missed out on the Halo 4 Limited Edition. On the other, It is Called limited Edition for a reason. Its no different than any other Limited Edition of any Other Product out there. Once they're gone they're gone.
There's no reason to have limited editions at all. It's stupid. Like I said, half the time they still being sold 6 months later anyway. Everybody calls it limited, nobody ever says HOW limited it'll be. It's a goddamn game and it's really stupid to limit it in the first place, especially Halo. It should've been the Legendary Edition. The fucking console release doesn't even include the DLC, which is like the whole point of getting the LE. It probably won't even be a discount over what the DLC costs later anyway. Arguably, I should get the regular edition rather than wait for UPS to bring the LE. 343gie really pissed me off with most of their "updates" to Reach anyway.

Moreover, I'm in a small town and there's almost no way Gamestop would've sold out of this before. The website is probably sucking up every copy they were allotted and the locals don't get half what they should. I was at the midnight release of Halo 2 or 3 and they still had a couple copies left the night of the release.
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