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Now press start to pause the game and go to the top of the practice selection categories. It should say "Freestyle" if you haven't changed anything. Press and scroll down once to select "Defensive Training" and all "Action Settings" changes to "CPU Settings". With this we can actually control the computer and make it do moves for us that we can cancel, parry, etc. for achievements. Select "CPU Setting 1" and hit "Command List" from there. Once in the command list select command 116 from the list. This is her "Spam Bomb" move. Once the move is selected you will see three blue bars on CPU Setting 1; press right to up it to five bars. Press start to get out of the menu and then press + to have her do the move continually. Once she takes off her head press + and if done right you will put it back on and Avoid Flying Heads will unlock. Next, go back to Alisa's command list and pick command 29. With this move she will do three low kicks. You need to hold down/forward and she will kick you twice but you will always parry her third kick. Once you parry for the third time Below the Belt will unlock (Thanks to SUBJECT BK201 for the tip).

Now take control of Alisa again and tag her out with Combot. With Combot, start recording and press + to grab your Combot. Afterwards stop recording and make the other Combot grab you once you are back in control of your Combot. When the other Combot tries to grab you press + and your Combot will do a throw escape by jumping over the other one. Repeat until Escape Artist unlocks. Now take control of the other Combot again and do + then go back into control of yours. Make the rival Combat start doing it's launcher and keep holding forward to make sure it hits you. Once you are launched press and hold either to do a roll away from your opponent or to do a jumping kick to be back on your feet. Once done three times Oodles of Ukemi will unlock.

Next you are going to want to change the mode selection once again, this time to "VS CPU Training" and then the difficulty to "Ultra Hard". After that go to "Advanced Settings", then "Rage" and turn it on for you and your partner. In a regular match, if you are getting beat down, your partner's health gauge will flash red and they will go into Rage mode. By pressing + they will charge out to replace you if you are on the ground. However all the red health your previous character had before the switch will instantly deplete. Since you'll be in training this won't happen. Now while the computer is on Ultra Hard keep pressing + until True Friendship unlocks (Thanks to MM2313 for the tip). After all this press start, scroll down to "Character Selection", and go to the character selection screen.

Next, pick Asuka and Yoshimitsu. The two CPU don't matter. Pick the "Fallen Garden" stage from the stage select. If you haven't changed anything before quitting out last time the CPU will still be on VS Training. With Asuka press either + + or + + and she will go into a defensive stance for a bit. When hit she will more likely than not pull off a reversal by throwing the opponent to the side. Doing this three times gets you Dish Best Served Cold (Thanks to SUBJECT BK201 for the tip). After that let the computer wail on you for a bit while making sure to roll around in the purple goo/water until Doused But Not Out is unlocked. Now switch the CPU to either "Defensive Training" or "Freestyle" and bring Yoshimitsu out.

With Yoshimitsu use either command 150 (,,,,,,, ,,) or command 153 (,,,,,,, ,,) and make sure to watch it's video from the command list so you know what it looks like. Do either three times and Flying Butt-Kicker will unlock.

Head back to character select and this time choose Marshall Law and Paul. The CPU once again does not matter. Pick the "Eternal Paradise" stage in the stage selection menu. With Law use + , , (Law will make a small punching motion with his fist and the attack will hit for mid) and Paul will come rushing out with blue sparkles on him. When he comes out use , and Law will automatically come out afterwards with his hands glowing yellow as the opponent is still airborne. Time it right and hit them with and it will show the attack from Law's back while the announcer yells "GREAT!". If successful you will get Impressive Moves. If you haven't hit a lady in the background into the pool yet with these antics do so for Bad Date to pop.

Back to character select, this time to pick Devil Jin and Kazuya. CPU and stage doesn't matter. When the match starts use , + + , and Devil Jin should grab the opponent followed by haedbutting them then Kuzuya coming up from behind and then headbutting them. Do this three times for The Best of Friends to pop.

After all this you will have Lead Coach as well.

Step 5: Offline Versus Mode and the Road to Tekken Lord
Plug in a second controller (If you don't have one you can do these online with a partner instead) and select "VS Battle" from Offline Mode. Select your characters for both controllers and once in a match win without losing any health and PERFECT Player will unlock. Start another match and have your second controller hit you (preferably with ) until you have very little health then beat the second player. You will know you have done this right when the announcer yells out "GREAT!". GREAT Gladiator will unlock from this.

From here go to "Ghost Battle" from the Offline Mode menu to start on your path to becoming Tekken Lord. When battling ghosts you will also rank up so try not to lose as losing will only make the grind longer (you can also be demoted). After each win you will pick your next opponent using , , and as is to quit out of this mode. Along the way you get Lucky Boxes that give various awards (mostly money). Also along the way are ghost battles that are gold on the bar where it shows your next opponents. Winning these matches will grant you customization items and, if it is your first time winning against that golden pair, you will also get a random ending movie that you didn't have yet. Win enough of these golden battles and Movie Buff will unlock along the way.

Keep fighting and sooner or later you will get up to Vanquisher (16th dan) rank and Enter the Vanquisher! will unlock. Keep the long grind going and you will eventually reach Tekken Lord (30th dan) rank and Behold the Tekken Lord! will unlock. During everything you've done so far you will have also gotten Fickle Friend for changing places with your partner 765 times.

Do note that if you go into Arcade Battle to get any remaining ending movies you might have left that if you use your Tekken Lord character that all the CPUs you fight against will be around the same rank as you.

If you followed this Roadmap you should have unlocked All Hail, Tekken Incarnate! with hopefully not too many problems. This is an overall easy game to obtain all the achievements for. Getting to 1st Dan online is not so bad and the offline ranks can be achieved while doing Arcade runs and beating up Ghosts. The game should not give too many people problems for those who go for the full 1000. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a fine sequel and also a pretty easy game to complete. It has some time consuming bits to it but it shouldn't be too taxing if you enjoy the game.

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