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Super Combot DX Complete 45
You unlocked all the content in Fight Lab.

The "content" that is referred to by the achievement is actually all the moves you can purchase for Combot using the points you gain in Fight Lab. From the Fight Lab menu select "Combot Tuning" and you should see eight bars with percentages on them. When you unlock a move for Combot the moves end up here waiting to be purchased with your points. Once each of them is at 100% the achievement will pop. It will however take around 3 million in points to make this happen. If you are good at the Stage 5 boss you can get 100,000 points every two tries.

The percentage bars that say "Stage #" at the bottom of the eight bars you need to fill for the achievement have no bearing on this achievement so ignore them if you want.

DarkSephiroth has a rather interesting way of gathering points and money here.

PERFECT Player 20
You won a PERFECT battle.

Get a perfect, which means winning a battle with no health lost whatsoever. Up against the CPU this may be a problem but still doable with some cheap tactics. However it is most easily done with a second controller or online with someone helping you.

GREAT Gladiator 30
You won a GREAT battle.

To win a great battle you must have your health below 5% and still beat your opponent. You might get this out of sheer luck while against the CPU but a second controller or help online is a surefire way to get this achievement. In Versus use for this so you can get your health down to as low as possible without losing before beating your opponent.

Secret Weapon 15
You used an item move.

To use an item move you must customize a character with one first. So go to Customize and look for "Upper Body (Other)" or "Lower Body (Other)" things for your character that have a command list icon on them like they would on a character's command list. Equip it and use it's command in battle after you have selected your customized character by pressing on the character select screen. Once it hits the opponent the achievement will pop up. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Who You Gonna Call? 20
You defeated 30 ghosts.

Contrary to what you might think, this does not have to be done in Ghost Battle at all. The game counts all CPUs as ghosts so just defeat 30 CPU opponents whether they be in Arcade Mode, Time Attack, Survival, or Ghost Battle itself.

Bazillionaire 30
You earned over 10,000,000G total.

While this number may seem intimidating the game throws fight money at you any chance it gets. You'll even get 2,000,000 in three modes once you do them for the first time. The best place to grind money however is the Stage 5 boss in Fight Lab. Do good enough and you get 200,000+ every time you beat the stage.

Fortunate Fighter 30
You earned 3 Lucky Boxes.

Anytime you play against the CPU (as well as online) you have a chance to get Lucky Boxes after the match. They appear randomly and give you various stuff, but mostly money. Playing in Ghost Battle with net you tons of these.

According to various reports you need to be online to get this achievement. You also need to get them in one sitting so just keep fighting in online battles until the achievement unlocks.

Escape Artist 15
You successfully completed 10 throw escapes.

The easiest way to do this is in Versus Mode with a second controller. On your second controller press + and as soon as the grab is initiated press + on your controller. If successful the grab is canceled and both players step away from each other. Continue until the achievement is unlocked.

According to Jin Akuma90, fulfilling the requirement for Avoid Flying Heads ten times is another way to get this achievement. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Dish Best Served Cold 15
You pulled off 3 reversals.

I used King for this since he does a roll with the opponent once he has reversed a move. It is also best to go into Practice Mode to do this as well. So pick King and a random person and press start to open up the training menu. Press Mode Select and go to the bottom and press "VS CPU TRAINING" so that the computer will start to attack you.

As the computer is attacking you keep pressing (or if you are on the right side of the screen) + + until King reverses his opponent. Repeat two more times.

Alternately, you can select Asuka and use + + or + + and she will go into a defensive stance. When the CPU hits her she will more than likely reverse it (Thanks to SUBJECT BK201 for the tip).

Stick It to 'Em 15
You pulled off 10 homing attacks.

A homing attack is an attack that will hit no matter what if your opponent tries to sidestep around you, if they are close enough they will get hit. You can actually get this achievement in Fight Lab in the tutorial that teaches you about homing attacks. An example of a homing attack would be + for a default Combot. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Below the Belt 15
You pulled off 3 low parries.

A low parry is a move that counters low attacks by pushing them aside when they make contact. This is best done in Versus Mode with a second controller. With your second controller preform a low kick ( + ) close to the first player. As this is making contact the first player needs to press down/forward to brush it aside. Repeat until the achievement is unlocked. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Oodles of Ukemi 15
You pulled off 3 ukemi.

To do a ukemi you simply have to press and hold or immediately after hitting the ground from a launcher to either roll towards or away from your opponent. Do this three times and the achievement is yours. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Insane Juggler 30
You dealt more than 62 damage in a midair combo.

The Stage 5 boss of Fight Lab has various times where you must bound your opponent to proceed. With your two Combots pull off a bound followed by various hits from the both of you and it will pop once you have done 62 or more damage (Thanks to icurnvss for the tip). NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Flying Butt-Kicker 15
You pulled off 3 10 hit combos.

The easiest person I found to do this with is Yoshimitsu. His command 153 (,,,,,,, ,,) is very easy to remember and if you go into training and watch it first it's really easy to do once you have the timing of the button presses down. People also like to use his command 150 (,,,,,,, ,,) to get this done. Yet another is Baek's command 83 (,,,,,,, ,,). NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

The Original Bouncer 15
You pulled off 10 bound combos.

A bound combo is a combo that involves you doing a midair combo to your opponent.

An example of a bound would be the default Combot's simple bound combo. Start off with a launcher ( + ) followed by (or depending on what side you are on) + followed by some other attacks to make it an actual combo (Like simply hitting to kick the opponent after the bound). Do this ten times.

Different characters have different ways to do launchers and bounds so experiment and see what works for you. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

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