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Doused But Not Out 15
Your upper body got wet in the Fallen Garden stage.

For this achievement you basically just have to get beat up a little by Unknown to land in the purple water and then roll around in it a bit. If you did not get this in the Unknown fight then start up Versus Mode and choose the Fallen Garden stage. Have your second controller launch you and then hit the ground. Once you do start rolling around in the water until the achievement unlocks. NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Bad Date 15
You dropped a damsel into the pool in the Eternal Paradise stage.

To get this go to the Eternal Paradise stage and make your way to the side of the stage where the ladies are by the pool. Brush up against them to have them fall in the pool. Alternatively, hit an opponent into one of them to make them fall in (Thanks to cheevo360 for the tip). NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Be Still My Iron Heart 15
You won a ranked match in Online Mode.

See "Tekken Black Belt"

Tug at My Iron Heart Strings 15
You won a player match in Online Mode.

Win an online player match and this achievement will pop. You can join a lobby, do quick matches, or create your own private session with someone else to get the achievement that way.

Iron Heartache 15
You fought 3 times in Online Mode.

Simply fight three times online be it ranked, player, or private and the achievement will pop up after your third online match has finished.

Tekken Black Belt 15
You earned 1st dan in Online Mode.

To get to 1st dan in online mode you must be doing ranked matches. If you get to 1st dan from battle points, meaning you lost a couple of times along the way or you lost on your promotion match you will still have the title of 1st dan but not the achievement itself. For the achievement to unlock if you are 1st dan or beyond requires you to simply win a match.

Another thing to note is that in your ranked match options you typically only want to face people three ranks above or below you. When you click on Ranked Match change your rank limits to either a yellow or green 3 to be safe.

Personally, I had 9 W / 11 L when I got to 1st dan in online mode.

Enter the Vanquisher! 30
You earned Vanquisher in Offline Mode.

See "Behold the Tekken Lord!"

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