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Tooled Up still glitched! Any new ideas?

So I hit 45 today and got my last unlock to put me at 20/22 weapons unlocked, which based on what I read still counts as having all the weapons. I had the right amount of unlocks when I hit 45, since I'm aware there are two types of ways it can glitch on you. It just didn't unlock then, and didn't unlock after playing a few more games. I did brief research on this but I wanted to see what the latest opinions were, if there are any.

I've heard about just "prestiging" and playing a few games, and that seems to work for a lot of people. I also heard if you have a limited edition code that you can redeem that and going into multiplayer will unlock the achievement. If that's true, does that work before or after rebooting the nanosuit? ANY thoughts are appreciated!
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