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Originally Posted by acdougla17 View Post
I can confirm that difficulty can be on Rookie. What I did was simulate 4 games, then every 5th game I would sim the first 2 periods and play the 3rd. Finished the year with like 120 points and I won all the trophies except for the vezina and selke. I think it took me about 3 hours to make it through 1 season.

Put all the sliders in your favor, 4 minute periods, and just snipe wrist shots from all over.
Originally Posted by DuCLuX View Post
What acdougla said pretty much. What I did is went on Rookie, and turned the sliders in my favor, simmed to ten minutes left in the third (4 Minute Periods) and I would take the puck and skate straight up the ice, hold it right then bring it left side (forehand) of the goalie and score. Would grab a minimum of 5 points, and each game took me 5 minutes, give or take a minute, depending on point total. I played around 50-60 games that way, cause I am looking to unlock boost slots as well.

If you set your mind to it, i bet you can finish a season in 2-3 hours easy, make sure you get the point a game average atleast though to garuntee a Norris.
Thanks guys that helps a lot. I guess I will make up a new BAP since I am only two games in a set the difficulty to rookie and sim as much as I can while maintaining a good point total.

Will boost slot stuff unlock on rookie settings as well? I want to make sure I unlock all those as I go along.
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